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90 Minutes

Do you love the look of eye makeup but are lost when it comes time to apply it? Are you wanting to master a signature eye makeup look for special occasions? Or are you comfortable with applying eyeshadow but haven't quite mastered the art of the winged eyeliner or false eyelashes?


An Eye-to-Eye makeup lesson is perfect for anyone wanting to focus on the eyes from start to finish.

Choose from one of these Eye-to-Eye lesson focuses:

Classic Eye - For everyday

Smokey Eye - For a night out or special occasion 

Ageless Eyes - For those age 40+ wanting to adjust techniques

Instructor: Jessica Winter-Troutwine - Licensed Esthetician & Makeup Artist

Lesson Objectives

  • Learn how to use the correct brushes & tools to apply your eye makeup.

  • Learn to properly prep the eye lid for optimal longevity.

  • Learn how to apply eyeshadow with professional techniques. 

  • Learn how to line your eyes & how to apply winged liner.

  • Learn how to fix mistakes like a pro.

  • Teach you how to curl your eyelashes & apply mascara.

  • (Optional) Learn to apply false eyelashes. 

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Where at?

Where does the class take place?

Makeup lessons are offered in-person at a studio in Grand Rapids, MI or in the comfort of your home. Do you live out of state or maybe just stuck at home? You also have the option to do your makeup class virtually! 

*Lessons at your home will incur an on-location fee*


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