Makeup Artistry by Jessica Winter-Troutwine

About the Artist

Jessica is a Freelance Makeup Artist based in Grand Rapids, MI. 

Photo: Goodman Photography

Jessica Winter-Troutwine

Throughout my life makeup has become a passion of mine, going hand in hand with the training to become the Professional Dancer I am today. Starting dance as a toddler, by age nine I had developed makeup skills beyond my years and was already applying my own stage makeup in its entirety. Despite my young age, I began advising older students on tips and techniques for their makeup, and in the years to come I would have a line of girls waiting to get their faces done before a show. This history has since developed into a career as a Professional Makeup Artist. 

I use makeup artistry everyday as a way to express my personality just as I use dance to express myself on stage. Working as a Makeup Artist, I get to make connections with clients of all different ages & backgrounds on a daily basis.  I have worked throughout the Midwest, as was based in Chicago, IL for the past 5 years. I have recently moved and am now located Grand Rapids, MI.