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Complexion Perfection
90 Minutes

Are you interested in foundation but always fear that it'll look heavy and caked on? Have you tried to follow YouTube tutorials but find that they use way too much product and the techniques result in less than desirable results? Or maybe your skin is starting to change, your old products and techniques are no longer doing the trick, and you want help with the right techniques to give your complexion a healthy glow again. Complexion Perfection is the perfect lesson to get you comfortable with applying your face makeup for a smooth and natural looking result.

Complexion Perfection is a great lesson for anyone wanting to focus on learning more about skincare and how to achieve a flawless complexion using professional makeup techniques.

Instructor: Jessica Winter-Troutwine - Licensed Esthetician & Makeup Artist

Lesson Objectives

  • Learn what the proper techniques are to achieve a flawless complexion.

  • Teach you how to apply skin care in the correct order for day and for night.

  • Teach you how to properly prep the skin before makeup for the best canvas.

  • Learn how to confidently apply your foundation & concealer for an effortless looking complexion.

  • Teach you how to apply your blush & bronzer for a fresh & radiant finish.

  • Learn to properly apply your lip color with professional techniques to extend the wear time. 

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Where at?

Where does the class take place?

Makeup lessons are offered in-person at a studio in Grand Rapids, MI or in the comfort of your home. Do you live out of state or maybe just stuck at home? You also have the option to do your makeup class virtually! 

*Lessons at your home will incur an on-location fee*


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