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5-Minute Face
90 Minutes

Have you ever decided to hit the snooze button a few more times and now you’re running late? Or have you forgotten you had a casting call or Zoom meeting in 15 minutes and you’re still wearing yesterdays eyeliner? Or just have days when you need to shower, get ready, and feed yourself all during your child's (sometimes very short) nap time. The 5-Minute Face is a customized makeup lesson that is perfect for when you want to look put together but don’t have the time to do a million different steps with all the bells & whistles. 

A 5-Minute Face is great for teens and also for models, actors, or anyone who needs to be on camera. A 5-Minute Face is a must have for new moms (this lesson makes a great push present). 

As a new parent myself, I have first hand experience for this one! Between balancing work & parenting a toddler I have negative zero time to myself. A 5-Minute Face is a quick, but effective?, makeup application that you can utilize on those days when you need to look polished but are low on time. 

Instructor: Jessica Winter-Troutwine - Licensed Esthetician & Makeup Artist

Lesson Objectives

  • Learn how to quickly apply your skin prep to create an optimal base for your makeup.

  • Learn how to even out your skin tone so that your complexion looks even & fresh.

  • Learn how to correct & conceal dark under-eye circles so that you look refreshed.

  • Learn techniques to quickly add color to the eyes & cheeks.

  • Help with choosing a lip color that looks effortless.

  • Learn to apply a bold lip color to elevate a basic look for times when you need a little glam in a hurry.

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Where at?

Where does the class take place?

Makeup lessons are offered in-person at a studio in Grand Rapids, MI or in the comfort of your home. Do you live out of state or maybe just stuck at home? You also have the option to do your makeup class virtually! 

*Lessons at your home will incur an on-location fee*


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